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Mr. Gregory V Johnson build and is GBHMF, we are a family that god put together to help keep people happy and clean by all means,,

About Mr.Gregory & GBHMF

   GBHMF Cleaning Services was founded in the fall of 2010 by Mr. Gregory V Johnson(GBHMF). His vision is to provide quality cleaning to his customers along with honest, consistent and reliable service. To do this successfully, his goal is to exceed every one of his clients expectations. Mr. Gregory V Johnson (GBHMF) believed the only way to meet his goal is to hire cleaning officers who exemplified integrity, passion and dedication to their work.
   Since Mr. Gregory V Johnson( GBHMF) was the only cleaning officer for the first two years of business, he understood how demanding the work of a cleaning officer is. When it come's time to hire cleaning officers to meet the demands of his growing business, he looked for cleaners who met his high standards of integrity, honesty and dedication. Mr. Gregory V Johnson(GBHMF) pays his crews a living wage, not minimum wage. Mr. Gregory V Johnson(GBHMF) says “    My cleaners are my business. Without their dedication and excellent ability to exceed the expectations of our clients, there would be no Mr. Gregory V Johnson(GBHMF Cleaning Service). They are FAMILY and so are our CLIENTS.”

    We don’t desire to be the biggest cleaning service in The Minneapolis Minneasota Twin Cities Area, we want to be the best cleaning service in Minneapolis, Minneasota The twin Cities Area. Our focus isn't on getting more houses, but on how happy our present clients are with the service and dedication we provide.
You will have a personal cleaning officer assigned to your home and it will be the same cleaning person each and every time to meet your personal cleaning needs and style.

​Committed to Clients

     Anyone can clean but not just anyone can clean to meet the Godly standards that the people of expect from a professional cleaning service. Our experience gives us the ability to clean and sanitize efficiently every time.
      ​Having a clean environment to live and work in is no small matter. Cleanliness is important to make sure that everyone in the area stays healthy and can breathe easy. But having a clean environment is also important for mental health. Unkempt spaces are oppressive to the mind and undercut concentration and productivity. Let GBHM Family Cleaning Service take care of it so that you can be happy, healthy, and get on with your life.  GBHMF Cleaning Services, LLC is HomeAdvisor Screened & Approved